Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holiday Cooking Do's and Don'ts

A visitor requested books that explain what is permitted in the observant home when cooking on the holidays, for example the do's and don’ts of using gas stoves. Some suggestions are: Ehud Rosenberg’s Laws of Cooking on Sabbath and Festivals, a Pictorial Guide (Jerusalem and Spring Valley, Feldheim, 1986) (BM685 .R563 1986) ; Saul Wagschal’s Practical Guide to the Laws of Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed (Gateshead and New York, Feldheim, 1985) (BM690 .W23 1985); and Simcha Bunim Cohen’s The Shabbos Kitchen: A Comprehensive Halachic Guide to the Preparation of Food and Other Kitchen Activities on Shabbos or Yom Tov (Brooklyn, Mesorah, 1991) (BM685 .B644 1991).

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  1. Since "observant homes" include more than just Orthodox ones, it would be wise to include material from R. Isaac Klein's book as well as the CJLS index.