Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tel Aviv at 100

Sara said...
Now that Tel Aviv is 100 years old, any suggestion on finding documnetaries about Tel Aviv? ~Sara Spiegel

Ina said...
The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive at the Hebrew University http://www.spielbergfilmarchive.org.il/ has a vast collection of films on the history of the Yishuv, including archival footage from Tel Aviv’s early days. Many films are available for viewing on your computer, at no charge, via their website’s Virtual Cinema.Another source is the Israel Film Archive http://www.jer-cin.org.il/ In addition to being repository of past productions, they have also produced/reissued videos on the history of the Yishuv http://www.jer-cin.org.il/Video_Eng.aspx and Tel Aviv, with historical footage.The Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum http://resources.ushmm.org/film/search/index.php?search=simplepielbergalso includes archival footage from Tel Aviv’s early days, available for viewing on your computer.

Rita said...
Regarding the 100th anniversary of Tel-Aviv - Stanford University Library's Eliasaf Robinson Collection has recently gone live and may be viewed at: http://collections.stanford.edu/telaviv. It includes links to the online exhibit and to the collection's digitized content of books, photos, posters, archival documents, printed ephemera, maps and more. The focus of the collection is on the decades prior to 1948 though it does include some later materials.

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  1. The Tel Aviv Foundation has a website with information on celebrations: