Thursday, October 8, 2009

The producer of a midwest radio program focusing on religion requested audio or video recordings of Gersom Scholem.

A 9-minute audio segment of Scholem speaking at Agnon's 70th birthday party in 1958 was published with volume 30 (2006) of Alpayim (אלפיים :כתב עת רב-תחומי לעיון, הגות וספרות), a Hebrew-language literary journal published by Am Oved. The recording is in the periodicals collection of the JTS Library.

A recording of a radio interview of Scholem with Dr. Sabine Berghahn, in German, is held in her private archive. This is noted in Creation and Re-creation in Jewish Thought: Festschrift in honor of Joseph Dan...edited by Rachel Elior and P. Schafter, 2005, page, 366, footnote 8.

Should you wish to air one of these audios, please obtain permission from the copyright holder.

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