Monday, August 2, 2010

Receiving Permission to Copy Manuscripts from Microfilm

I am interested in making copies of manuscripts from microfilm reels that the JTS library owns. The original manuscripts that I am interested in are owned by libraries other than the JTS library. I understand that I will need to show written permission from the libraries that own the original manuscripts in order for the JTS library to allow me to make the copies. How do I get in contact with these other libraries?

The IMHM - Institute for Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts in Jerusalem ( has contact information for all the libraries from whom they have microfilms of manuscripts. You can see the contact information at the following webaddress: . Incidentally, with written permission, you can order copies directly from the IMHM (a lot of these microfilms have already been digitized), here is their catalog of MSS on microfilm: If you do come to the JTS library to make copies, it is recommended that you bring a USB "Flash" drive to save the copies to.


  1. Your link connects to the Hebrew University Library (Har Hazofim). For the IMHM (now: Natinal Library of Israel, Department of Mauscripts) Aleph catalog:

    This includes not only microfilmed manuscripts, but "live" ones as well, in the holdings of the NLI.

  2. Thank you. The link has been corrected.