Tuesday, September 14, 2010

List of Haftarot According to Various Minhagim

I am looking for a volume that lists ALL or nearly all the different traditional lists of weekly/holiday haftarot -- not just Ashkenaz and Sefardic, which everyone lists, but such lesser known minhagim as Italian and Yemenite and others.

In the Entsiklopedyah Talmudit [Yerushala[y]im : Hotsaʾat Entsiḳlopedyah Talmudit be-siyuʻa Mosad ha-Rav Ḳuḳ, 707- (1947- )] volume that has the entry “haftarah” (v.10) there is a very extensive list of the various minhagim for which haftarah to read on which occasion. Not only are minhagim listed for Ashkenazim, Sefardim, Temanim, Italkim, and Romanians – the customs of various cities and the customs found in Rishonim, piyutim, mahzorim, and other works are listed (some of these customs were found in unpublished manuscripts). In the edition of this volume that I consulted (published in 722 [1961]) this list can be found in an Appendix on on p.[701]-728.

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