Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Question: A nursing student writing a paper requested resources on Jewish religious/cultural beliefs and practices relevant to caring for seriously ill hospital patients, the deceased, and their families.

Answer: We suggested the following chapters from Jewish Pastoral Care: A Practical Handbook from Traditional and Contemporary Sources, 2nd ed, edited by Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman (Woodstock, VT, Jewish light Publishing, 2005):

"Jewish Spiritual Care in the Acute Care Hospital" by Rabbi Jeffrey M. Silberman, p. 225-242
"Walking in the Valley of the Shadow: Caring for the Dying and Their Loved Ones", by Rabbi Amy Eilberg, p. 374-399
"Grief and Bereavement" by Simcha Paul Raphael, p. 400-432.

Another relevant resource is: Jewish Ethics and the Care of End-of-Life Patients: A Collection of Rabbinical, Bioethical, Philosophical and Juristic Opinions edited by Peter Joel Hurwitz, Jacques Picard and Avraham Steinberg (Jersey City, NJ, KTAV in Association with the Institute for Jewish Studies, University of Basel, 2006)

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