Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Translation of Arba'ah Turim

Question: Where can I find a translation of the Arba’ah Turim (also known as the Tur) of Rabenu Yaakov ben Asher (1270?–1340), a seminal work in the codification of halakhah (Jewish law)?

Answer: At present, a systematic translation seems to exist only for one small part of the Tur – the sub-section titled “Hilkhot Tsedakah” (laws of charity) found within the “Yoreh De’ah” (chpt.247-259) section of the Tur. The translation is part of a Hebrew Union College thesis from 1974. It is was written by Aharon Rozenberg and is titled: A translation of the laws of tzedakah in the Arba-ah turim by Jacob ben Asher and a comparison between the treatment of the laws of tzedakah in the Mishneh torah, the Arba-ah turim, and the Shulchan aruch.

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