Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shortcut to Compositions in Gershon Ephros' Cantorial Anthology

Question: Does Gershon Ephros’ Cantorial Anthology include any works by Joseph Achron? How can I check this quickly without looking through every page of this 6-volume work?

Answer: Thirteen works composed or arranged by Achron are included in Ephros’ Anthology, located in volumes 2, 3, 4 and 6. To quickly find this type of information, use “An Index to Gershon Ephros’ Cantorial Anthology” prepared by Marsha Bryan Edelman in Musica Judaica (vol. II, no. 2 1978-79). The “Index of Composers, Arrangers, Collectors and Sources” will lead you directly to the volume and page of the compositions. There is also an “Index of Titles,” quickly leading you to the volume and page containing a particular prayer. For example, 6 settings of Alenu (by Cohon & Idelsohn, Ephros, Lewandowsky, Stark, and “traditional”) are listed as being in the volumes for Rosh Hashonoh, Shabbat, and Y’mot Hachol.

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