Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Directions to Digital Dissertations

Question: Do you have a copy of Victoria Khiterer’s 2008 thesis from Brandeis University entitled “The Social and Economic History of Jews in Kiev before Febrary 1917”

Answer: We have access to a digital copy of all 453 pages of this dissertation through our subscription database ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.

This database includes over 1 million dissertations in the humanities and social sciences. Dissertations dated from the late 1990’s to the present are generally available full-text. Most earlier dissertations are included only as abstracts or citations.

Jewish studies dissertations are well-represented in this database: a search for the keyword “Talmud” retrieves 190 dissertations; a search for keyword “Jewish education” retrieves 224 dissertations; a search for keyword “Judaism” retrieves over 1500 dissertations.

Most of the dissertations are from United States and Canadian universities. Selected dissertations are from Israeli universities; the dissertation text itself is often in Hebrew, although the titles are listed in English.

More than 200 Jewish Theological Seminary dissertations are included, of which about half are available full-text. (Additional JTS dissertations are available in printed format in the JTS Library).

To access ProQuest Dissertations from a JTS campus computer, use the link on The Library’s “Available Online” page. It is in the “E-Books” section.
To access ProQuestion Dissertations from your personal computer, JTS students and faculty should use the “Remote Access” link which is listed on The Library’s web page under “Library Quick Links.”

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