Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Hebrew term for a car engine's exhaust manifold

Question: If I am having a problem with the exhaust manifold on my car's engine with what Hebrew term would I refer to it in order to direct an Israeli auto mechanic to take a look at it?

Answer: According to the Hebrew-English visual dictionary entitled: Milon Hazuti : Ivri-Angli [Yerushalayim : Karta, 1992 - p.404] the Hebrew term for a car engine's exhaust manifold is סַעֶפֶת-פְּלִיטָה (sa'efet-pelitah).


  1. that is simply not the right answer, no hebrew speaker will ever give you an advice so detrimental, you'll be laughed out of the garage if you use סעפת פליטה.

    also, probably, no one will understand you if you attempt to use the simpler form מפלט (maflet)

    when dealing with an auto mechanic (as opposed to dealing with a linguist) you should use the word אגזוז (egzoz) - which is simply an adaptation of the english work exhaust.

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