Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Videos of the Shekhitah procedure

Shekhitah – the slaughter of animals done according to halakhah (Jewish law) is an integral part of kashrut (dietary halakhah). Shekhitah is a complicated procedure that requires extensive hands-on training in order to master. The website, which contains lectures and articles by Yeshiva University rabbis and professors, provides a glimpse into the world of shekhitah in the following videos:

In these videos, the shekhitah procedure for birds is shown, along with parts of the melikhah (salting to remove blood) procedure. Aspects of bird anatomy used in the identification of kosher bird species are commented on. “Meat eggs” (eggs that are found in a chicken’s body after it has been slaughtered) are shown and the halakhic implications of these eggs are discussed.

Note: the videos may not start automatically, you may need to click the download button in order to see them.
Note: the videos contain graphic images that may not be suitable for all viewers.

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